Everyday Movement & Dance

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In everyday life, we are using spontaneous and improvised sequence of movements: sitting down, standing up, turning around, running with hand raised in the air, lifting our feet…etc. This offers a lot of material to experiment and play with. Usually when we are moving we move our body-parts unconsciously, because it is how we are “usually” do. But we could experience our body differently as well. Maybe it is a new approach, maybe it’s something we just have not noticed until now. It is a dialogue with our own bodies. The primary task is to obtain how our body leads us to move it, and not to know how we can control our bodies. Maybe the appearance of a certain motion won´t be so different, but its inner quality will be individual and personal!

Children are still free and rich in their cinetic behavior. They “practice” this material every day much more differentiated than adults, whose habits in the physical expression up to the “I can not dance” are already hard wired. Meanwhile spontaneity, joy and emotion is reflected in dancing. So we can explore exciting areas: Is walking motion or hopping are dance? Dances a punched ball that is thrown and swings through the air? Are the leaves dancing or just the wind blows? Are our daily movements necessarily aimed and purposeful physical activities, meanwhile dance is not? Is the question of the difference between movement and dance at all interesting or we create rather right now just a choreography of everyday movements?

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