Welcome to iKultLab

Save the Date for 2024: 19-26 July

There are numerous summer courses for professional musicians as well as children with advanced instrumental skills, but it is difficult to find programs offering advanced-level, broad, holistic creative musical and artistic activities during summer holidays. The Vienna International Cultural Platform Association (www.ikultur.com), in cooperation with the Institute for Composition and Electro-Acoustics at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts (www.mdw.ac.at), fills this gap since 2014 with a new kind of program intended to introduce new creative tendencies to the next generation of artists and musicians. Important elements of the summer course include improvisation utilizing diverse sound sources, playful physical expression, Soundpainting, forms of play and music components of different cultures, experimenting with electronic sound and technology, as well as integration of visual arts.

A Certificate signed by teachers from the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna will be awarded!

This summer course aims to awaken the participants’ comprehensive creative interest in music in a very broad spectrum, which is a useful skill even if in professions outside of music. Love for making music, general artistic practice and openmindedness in perception of music and art with a diverse variety of aesthetics are the objectives of the program.

iKultLab is open for Austrian children/young people as well as children/young people from all other countries of the world. Allowing participants to get to know people from different cultural backgrounds is also a central idea of the creative program. Castle Raabs is an ideal and inspiring venue where creativity, adventure and nature form an exiciting combination – an experience that will grant participants memories that last a lifetime.