Castle Raabs an der Thaya


Castle Raabs an der Thaya is one of the earliest eastablished stone castles in the geographic area of today’s Austria. During the 11th to 13th century, the castle and town (earliest documented mention in 1100) formed the center of a so-called “king’s district” at the confluence point of the Moravian and German river Thaya.

The castle is an elongated castle built on a rock high above the city Raabs an der Thaya. The voluminous towers and walls, vaults, stone spiral staircase, gothic frescoes, a well 40 meters deep, and the castle chaple are very well preserved. The castle entrance is an atrium featuring Renaissance style pillar arcades. There is a small and a large knights’ hallway inside the main castle. The chaple’s narrow balconies offer a magnificent view over the city of Raabs and the confluence of the two arms of river Thaya. The castle is in private ownership.

Our course participants will stay in shared rooms. Each floor offers bathrooms and showers. The castle kitchen provides good local cuisine, while attending to special needs such as allergies, vegetarian and religious diets.